Review Policy

Note: I no longer accept self-published books for review.

-This blog is intended for young adult and middle grade book reviews only. I have no problem accepting requests for reviews, but it must for YA and MG or I will not read it. I am open to reading all genres. Yay!

-I have the ability to deny a request.

-I accept physical copies and e-copies, as long as it can be read on a Kindle.

-I tend not to review books I don't like, because I tend not to finish books I'm not enjoying. Hence, my lack of negative reviews on the blog. BUT if you send me your book, I promise to finish it and write a review. I can't promise I will like the book, but I can promise to be fair in the review.

-Important: The way I read a book is probably different from other bloggers. I work in a children's bookstore so all of what I read, I read with the intent to hand-sell. If I can't carry your book in the store then I will not read it. I hate to say that and it makes me sound mean (I'm not, I swear!), but with working and having to read other books for both work and my internship, I have very little time. 

If you would like to submit a request: 
  • email: beneaththejacket [at]