About Me

Welcome to Beneath the Jacket!

I started Beneath the Jacket in August 2011. After working at a children's bookstore for a year (minus two months when I went on a "vacation"), I decided to create a place where I could write down my thoughts about the books I've been reading and share them with anyone interested. I mean, why should my customers be the only ones to receive my amazing brilliance?

About me:

My name is Angie. I am an adult who loves reading young adult literature. It's my photosynthesis. I read YA when I was a teen and I guess I just never stopped. My life so far = went to school, did some acting, worked in film and TV production on shows you've heard of, and have now gone back to school in hopes of becoming a book editor. If I don't make it as a writer (TV writer and/or YA author, preferably) then I'll be just as happy editing books or being a development producer. Whichever comes first.

You can contact me through email:  beneaththejacket [at] gmail.com