23 August 2011

Review: The Demon Trapper's Daughter

I had started The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver earlier this year, but had to put it down due to being behind on textbook reading and paper writing (why did I decide to go back to college, again?). Then it became hidden on my bookshelf until my Amazon wishlist reminded me that the second in the series was coming out on August 30. Um, that's next week! And before I even start the review, the fact that I put book two on my wishlist without barely starting the first should say something.

To give a quick background, it's the year 2018 in Atlanta and demons have been wreaking havoc on the world. Luckily, Atlanta has Paul Blackthorne and the local Demon Trappers Guild to take of things. That is, until tragedy strikes leaving Riley Blackthorne, an apprentice demon trapper and daughter of Paul, to pick up and solve the pieces.

I have a thing for smart-mouthed heroines who can kick ass and Riley doesn't disappoint. What I also love about Riley is that she may be tough, but she acts seventeen. Riley cries when she's supposed to, she worries about what others think, she can pout, she cares about her appearance, and can be a little immature at times. You know why? Because Riley is only seventeen! The idea of the incredibly strong seventeen-year-old female who can save the world one-handed is becoming an overly abused characterization in the YA world. Riley still has emotions, but I never thought for once she would ever stray from her goal because of them. In fact, it's these emotions, sometimes selfish ones, that push her forward.

The Demon Trapper's Daughter has a fantastically dark atmosphere, which I always love in a book. It made me laugh, has great action scenes, great characters, quick dialogue, and provides a promising set-up to the next installment in the series. I can't wait until next Tuesday and I won't forget to finish this one, even though classes start again on Monday. Screw you English and math courses, you've got nothing on Jana Oliver.


  1. LOL. Thanks for the great review. Here's hoping your GPA doesn't take too much of a hit. Admission: unlike Riley who is great at quadratic equations, this author is not a math whiz.

  2. Neither am I! Thanks so much for commenting! :)

  3. Sounds fun, I might have to check this one out. I do love a good sassy female heroine. -Elissa

  4. I love this book! I just finished Soul Thief and it is s good as I hoped. Excellent review!


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