22 September 2011

Review: The Knife of Never Letting Go

Meh. I don't normally finish books I'm not enjoying because, well...I'm not enjoying them, but I read through The Knife of Never Letting Go due to recommendations from a couple of co-workers. I listened to their opinions, I read the back of the book, I was intrigued.

The Knife of Never Letting Go follows Todd and his dog Manchee. Todd lives in Prentisstown, a place where all the women were killed by a virus and all the men who are left can hear each other's thoughts, even the thoughts of animals. ALL THE TIME. While out walking, Todd stumbles across an area of silence. It all goes crazy from there. He discovers his town has secrets, really bad secrets and Todd must run for his life. So he does.

I got bored with it and I think that was my main problem. No secrets begin to be revealed until your little more than halfway through the book. Are they shocking secrets? Yes. Are they disturbing secrets? Yes! But by that point I didn't care anymore. There is a big reveal that I was not expecting within the last thirty or so pages and I highly enjoyed it, but it didn't make up for the lack of excitement I felt. I can see the appeal, but I guess the book just wasn't for me, though I do love me some dystopia genre. It bothers me because I feel like I should have liked it! Honestly, who knows, maybe in a week or so my opinion will change and I'll love it. It's happened in the past (and I still can never explain why!). I'll let you know if it does.

I didn't hate it, it just, sometimes felt like a chore to read. I think I'm alone with this opinion (just like my indifference to Matched), so you can probably ignore me, at least until my next review where you have to listen to me again because I'm always right. Give it a try for yourself and see how you like it, I'm curious.

Reviews are so subjective, aren't they? 


  1. Funny, I heard great things about this book too. I had my doubts about it, after reading your review it pretty much concerns them. I'm reading the Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh at the moment. S. good! Find it hard to put down!

  2. I had a similar problem with this book. I enjoyed it but... I was also disappointed.

  3. i totally have this book. sad you didn't like it. i kind of hate when you have to wait too long for anything to happen, too. well i'll cross my fingers that it keeps me interested. thanks for the review.


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