06 October 2011

The Name of the Star Giveaway Winner

The winner of my giveaway, the one who gets a copy of Maureen Johnson's newest novel The Name of the Star is...

Emma B.!! And guess what? She has a blog! Check it out at: http://www.novelminded.blogspot.com/

Congratulations Emma! I hope you enjoy the book!

I had many entries, more than I thought I would receive for my first contest (thanks for your support everyone!), but it won't be my only giveaway. I have a special ARC of a new book that isn't set for release until March 2012, so watch out for it! I am set to give it away once I receive 100 followers on my blog. The sooner I receive the followers, the sooner you find out what it is!

Oh, and if anyone is curious, the most popular answer to "what is your favorite YA novel" was Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

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