14 May 2012

Taking Some Vacation Time

Dear readers,

As you may have noticed, this blog has been lacking in posts recently. This is due to two reasons:

1. Burnout. Recently, reviewing and posting have begun to feel like homework. Blogging has lost the fun it used to have for me so I'll be taking a step back from my blog and giving myself a rest. I think this is what's best for me and my readers.

2. I am currently helping a friend who is in charge of many book clubs and this has taken up more of my time. That sounds like a complaint, but it's not. It's fun. And I like being helpful. Anyway, this has led to a drop in the number of YA titles I'm currently able to read.

What does all of this mean? I'm taking a vacation. I'm not stopping, I'm just taking a break. Do I know when I'll be back? No. But I'll still be visiting blogs, interacting on Twitter, and posting here when I feel inspired. So I'll still be around!! I'm not disappearing for forevers! I appreciate your patience and hope I don't lose the support of the followers, readers, and friends that I have made since I began blogging.

I LOVE YOU! <--creepy on purpose




    Don't stay away too long, Angie! I need your thoughts and your vlogs :)

  2. Your creepy I love you makes me feel okay about this...haha.

    Do what you've got to do, Angie! Sometimes taking time off is necessary, besides I really want you to become a famous writer so I can read/watch all of your awesome work :0)

  3. Rats, I've really enjoyed your blog. I hope you'll find time to come back to it.

  4. I was just thinking of you the other day and thought about tweeting you but didn't want to be a stalker. :)

    breaks are good and hopefully you will come back recharged. hopefully i'll see you around town this summer or maybe at ala.

    and have fun at bea!

  5. Take you time! :) When blogging is starting to feel like a job, you better can take a little break. It's supposed to be fun. I do hope to see you around so now and then.

  6. {i'm following your blog}

    I am leaving this note to let you know that I am following you. If you aren't already following me can you please return the favor and leave a comment on my most recent entry. Please and thank you! :)


  7. Have a blast! It's important to take time for yourself once in a while :)

  8. A breaks always good and as an.aspiring author I get where you're coming from

  9. Yes,Angela have a point.Don't overwork your self.You have to take a rest!


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