28 April 2013

Where I've Been...

I've returned from the dark depths called life. I know I don't need to, but I want to explain where I've been:

I had a big move, so that was tough to start with. Especially since I had to start completely over in a big new city. Stressful much? I may have lived here before, but after five years of being away a lot can change. I got an internship at a literary agency in the children's department which I fell in love with. This is a great thing, but the majority of what I did all day was read submissions (think eight hours a day of reading), so when I got home I didn't really want to read anymore. I will admit it was hard to find a balance between reading for work and pleasure, but I eventually did it. Anyway, with the internship added to my work schedule, I was working seven days a week which also makes it difficult to find reading time. Well, now the internship is done and I've found more time to begin blogging again! Yay! I've been missing my readers all day every day. I know it will take me a while to build up the readership I had previously, so please be patient with me as I return to form. But I am back.

On a side note, I mention the lit internship to explain my situation. Please don't email me with submissions of anything because I will delete them and not pass them on. I also will not tell you which agency. It's the internet where all information is available, but I'd still like to keep as much privacy as possible. ;)

EDITED TO ADD: I think I will begin reviewing middle grade books on this blog along with YA. I read a lot of it and my reviews may be helpful to some people! I'll just need to change my graphic at the top...


  1. Welcome back! and yes, please, middle grade reviews are just as fun as YA ones!

  2. hi angie! glad to hear you're doing well and back to blogging. middle grade books are really fun so looking forward to seeing them on the blog.

  3. Well welcome back. looking forward to seeing your new content and graphic then. Be wary of the upcoming gfc and google reader dying thing haha


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