19 December 2011

My Top 5 (actually 6) Books of 2011

It's getting towards the end of the year (it has gone by so fast!), so I've put together a top five list of my favorite books released in 2011. I feel it has been a great year for excellent books and it was hard to narrow it down to my top five, so I added a sixth because it's my blog and I can. I also could have made the list a top ten, but where's the complication in that? Here is a countdown of my favorite books released this year with my reviews attached:

                                  6. Cleopatra's Moon         5. The Space Between

                                   4. Blood Red Road                       3. Chime

                                                      2. The Scorpio Races

                                              1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone

What were your favorite releases this year?


  1. i am so bad. i haven't read any of these yet even though i have three of them at homes. yikes! hopefully i'll get to them soon. i am not sure what my favorite picks for this year are yet. there are so many good books to choose from.

  2. LOVED Daughter of Smoke and Bone! I was just kind of so-so on Chime, but so many people loved it, I almost wonder if it was timing. I probably wasn't in the mood for that type of book at the time. I really need to snag a copy of The Space Between, I can't wait to read it :0)


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