07 February 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Books You'd Hand To Someone Who Says They Don't Like To Read

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish Every week focuses on a different topic and you make a top ten list from it! This week: Top Ten Books You'd Hand To Someone Who Says They Don't Like To Read

I get this question all the time at my job so that influenced my list. We get "readers" of all ages and genders who don't like reading and, unfortunately, most of them are male. Anyway, on to my list of recommendations:
Heist Society by Ally Carter: It's a fun, easy read that won't intimidate a non-reader and it's a blast to read! It's such an easy hand-sell for me.
The Enemy by Charlie Higson: It's got gore, zombies, and action. If there's a book classified as a "boy" book, this one is it. Yay sexism!
Dark Visions by L.J. Smith: I hand this one to people who want to try the supernatural genre, but not the vampires, etc. This one is strictly psychics and is a favorite series of mine. UNFORTUNATELY, they released all three in the series in one LARGE book so it makes it difficult to hand to a person who doesn't like reading. But, alas, I try and sometimes succeed.
Frankie Pickle by Eric Wight: A great beginning chapter series. It's funny. It's got pictures and has scenes told in graphic novel form. I love Frankie Pickle and always recommend it for the reluctant reader. I've yet to lose with this one (jinxed).
Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins: What a fantastic book AND it's a great book for girls who like romance but hate reading. The book isn't a chore and is SO. MUCH. FUN.
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: It's funny because I don't have to hand-sell the series anymore since everyone knows about them, but if I did it would be to a reluctant reader. And it's going to be a movie. That always helps too.
Secret Agent Jack Stalwart by Elizabeth Singer Hunt: Great exciting chapter book series for 7-10 year olds. It's full of action and spies! Yay!
Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith: Everything I said about The Enemy pertains to this one, minus the zombies.


  1. Great list! I hadn't heard of Frankie Pickle, so I'll have to check that out. A bunch of my boy students are reading Lockdown (and the others in the series) right now.

    Another good one for non-readers is Maximum Ride by James Patterson because the chapters are so short (literally 1-3 pages) and it's very fast paced.
    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

  2. Awesome list - quite a few of these are new to me. I loved The Hunger Games!!

  3. The Hunger Games is such an action-packed story. It's got something for everyone!

  4. i never understand when people say they don't like to read. i just figure they haven't found what they like to read. i've seriously pushed hunger games on everyone i know and no one has been disappointed. i like the sound of the enemy and anna and the french kiss is awesome. i gave 2 copies as xmas gifts this year. thanks for sharing!


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