08 November 2011

Dusty Reads (1)

"Dusty Reads" is a weekly meme hosted by Giselle at Xpresso Reads, in which we talk about a book that has been sitting on our shelf, unread, and probably crying for attention.

White Cat (The Curse Workers #1) by Holly Black
Publication Date: May 4th, 2010
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry / Simon & Schuster

Cassel comes from a family of curse workers — people who have the power to change your emotions, your memories, your luck, by the slightest touch of their hands. And since curse work is illegal, they're all mobsters, or con artists. Except for Cassel. He hasn't got the magic touch, so he's an outsider, the straight kid in a crooked family. You just have to ignore one small detail — he killed his best friend, Lila, three years ago.

Ever since, Cassel has carefully built up a façade of normalcy, blending into the crowd. But his façade starts crumbling when he starts sleepwalking, propelled into the night by terrifying dreams about a white cat that wants to tell him something. He's noticing other disturbing things, too, including the strange behavior of his two brothers. They are keeping secrets from him, caught up in a mysterious plot. As Cassel begins to suspect he's part of a huge con game, he also wonders what really happened to Lila. Could she still be alive? To find that out, Cassel will have to out-con the con-men.

Don't look at me like that. I feel ashamed enough, thank you. I've had this book on my shelf for what feels like...forever. It's not that I don't want to read it (I do!), it's just other reads have always come before it and then I forgot about it. Funny enough, I also own the second one. I have a galley of both sitting all sad-like on a shelf. Hey, I have my first New Year's resolution!

The Curse Workers #2:


  1. Oh I read this just last month and it was really good!

    You can add your link to the linky now in my post I had forgotten to add it! :)

  2. It's disheartening sometimes when I realize all of the unread books I have on my bookshelves and on my kindle. If I didn't get any more books for a year, and didn't re-read any books, I would still have an ample supply of reading material. It's a bit embarassing.

    I hope you enjoy, whenever you get to it.

  3. I too have more books on my shelves that are well talked about and I have not yet read. Nice pick.


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