21 November 2011

YA/MG Fantasy Reading Challenge

Erica @ The Book Cellar has started and is hosting a YA/MG Fantasy Reading Challenge! She thinks that fantasy novels tend to be given less attention than the other genres and I wholeheartedly agree. All through my elementary, middle, and high school days fantasy is most of what I read. I want to start focusing on it again which is why I am joining this challenge. The goal is to read 10 young adult or middle grade fantasy novels that are to be released in 2012. I challenge you to sign up as well! Let's give the fantasy genre the attention it deserves!

You can find the rules, buttons, and general information over at her blog here!

Do it or I'll kick you! I'm just kidding. I only give hugs.

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  1. Thanks for signing up :) This year will be a great year of fun fantasy!


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