28 November 2011

Get to Know Me: My Favorite Book Couples

My blog has been ongoing for about four months now. Most of my readers don't know who I am, so I decided to write a post about myself and what better way to get to know me than to write about my favorite fictional couples. The couples below are from both young adult and adult books and are in no particular order:

1. Briony and Eldric : Chime
Briony with her self-hatred and Eldric with his hot self who wants to make Briony a better person. Man, those two went through so much. Whenever they were together in the books, my face was always full of smile.

2. Clary and Jace : The Immortal Instruments
These two go through so much drama! Why can't Cassandra Clare just let them be happy for an hour?? I loved the end of the third book. I picked up the fourth, flipped through it, and put it back down. I'm currently going to pretend that the series ended after the third book and start it up again after Cassandra is done. Then they'll be happy, right?

3. Kaitlyn and Gabriel : Dark Visions
This is a lesser known series by L.J. Smith. Kaitlyn and Gabriel are made for each other and I adore them as a couple. My boy with a tortured soul, Gabriel. You were one of my first book crushes.

4. Elena and Damon : The Vampire Diaries
Another L.J. Smith series. I've been reading her books since I discovered her in the late-90s. I feel the same way about Stefan as I do for Adam. He is so boring! Elena and Damon FOREVER! Oh, for those not familiar with the book series but love the show, they are very different. Very different. I am a bigger fan of the books than the show.

5. Merit and Ethan : Chicagoland Vampires
What a hot, sexy couple. I love these two to bits. To bits!

6. Richard and Kahlan : The Sword of Truth series
Mmm, Richard. And Kahlan's not so bad herself. I love strong heroines and she's definitely up there at the top! These two make such a great pair and I love reading about them. Their's is a real and epic love.

7. Puck and Kendrick : The Scorpio Races
Even though this book came out just this year, Puck and Sean quickly entered my heart. Their romance may not have had the heat that's in most YA books now, but there was such a sweetness to it and I adore them as characters and a couple.

8. Saba and Jack : Blood Red Road
They are truly a kick-ass power couple and I can't wait to read more about them.

9. Riley and Beck : Demon Trappers series
I like that I have a pair on here who have yet to actually get together. When is this going to happen?? I need this to happen and soon.

10. Sophie and Howl : Howl's Moving Castle
This is one of my favorite books and Howl is one of my favorite literary characters. LOVE. These two are so cute together! I love their chemistry and their interactions with each other always make me smile.

So reading over this, I seem to have thing for the bad boy type or at least I do when it comes to boys in books. I never knew this about myself. Hey, we learned something about me, together!

Who are your favorite couples?


  1. My favorite couples:

    Luce and Daniel: Fallen
    Clary and Jace: Mortal Instruments
    Hermione and Ron: Harry Potter
    Caspian and Abbey: The Hollow Trilogy
    Cassia and Ky: Matched Trilogy
    Grace and Daniel: Dark Divine
    Patch and Nora: Hush Hush

  2. @ Sara H.: O.M.G. How did I forget Ron and Hermione? Embarrassing. This list means nothing now.


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